Bob Stacey for Metro Council District 6

Dear Friends,

In May 2012, the voters of Metro District 6 will elect a new Metro Councilor. I will be running for the council in that election to represent the great neighborhoods that make up District 6 and to work to maintain and improve the tools that make our region stronger and more livable. Metro 6 stretches from Gateway to Sylvan and from Lents to the Tigard city limits. Our neighborhoods and business districts are very diverse, but as a 40-year resident of this area, I know we all benefit from smart, fair, and sustainable regional solutions.

With your help and your advice I want to make our employment lands ready for jobs, our farm land safe from sprawl, our neighborhoods richer with transportation and housing choices, our community greener with more parks and protected natural areas. Working together we can build a competitive economic advantage for our region and protect the planet by ensuring that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As we grow to do all this, we must also protect taxpayer dollars by insisting on least-cost solutions for transportation and managing Metro programs and facilities prudently. If new public dollars are needed, let's raise them not by taxing things we want, like our incomes, but by charges that discourage the things we don't want, like pollution, traffic congestion, sprawl in our countryside, and trash in our landfills. I look forward to working with you on my campaign between now and May. Please let me know what you think about Metro and our community, please help spread the word about my campaign, and please click on the contribute tab above to support my election. Every dollar and every hour contributed brings us closer to victory.

Thank you,

    Bob Stacey