About Bob

Proven Leadership to Protect our Quality of Life

As a community leader, activist and manager of agencies that have successfully worked to improve our neighborhoods and transportation, Bob Stacey has a real track record of keeping our part of Oregon a great place to live – and of making sure that our voices are heard. 

  • He has been a leader in keeping our neighborhoods attractive, safe and walkable places to live, with easy access to everyday needs.
  • Bob protected over 15,000 acres of environmentally sensitive areas right in the city, while leading the successful statewide effort to protect Oregon’s farms, forestlands, open spaces and special places from destructive over-development.
  • His work has made it easier for us to get around every part of the Metro region, with light rail, streetcars and expanded suburban bus service.
  • He has been the leader in protecting the urban growth boundary, which keeps nature close at hand while saving tax dollars when there is new development. And Bob has successfully worked to ensure that development protects neighborhoods while creating jobs for our future.

And Bob has the management experience and perspective to make sure that our tax dollars are spent smartly with accountability.

Bob's made a career of making our region a better place:

Staff Attorney, 1000 Friends of Oregon (1975-1986)
Stacey was hired by Henry Richmond, the co-founder and original executive director of 1000 Friends of Oregon, directly upon graduation from law school as one of two staff attorneys. Bob was primarily responsible for developing and refining the state’s policies on urbanization and housing.

Chief of Staff to City of Portland Commissioner Earl Blumenauer (1987-1989)
Bob supervised the commissioner’s ten-person office staff in addition to coordinating bureau activities and council business on behalf of the commissioner.

Planning Director, City of Portland (June 1989-October 1993)
Bob managed the sixty-person Planning Bureau, which included both long-range planners and development review staff. He completed major planning efforts initiated by his predecessor and initiated a district-by-district “Community Planning” program; secured the participation of the transportation, environmental services, urban renewal, and police agencies of the city in Community Planning; initiated the “Livable City Project,” a strategic plan for expanding the share of regional growth captured by the City of Portland; and coordinated the City’s participation in regional planning.

Senior Policy Advisor to Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts (November 1993-January 1995)
Governor Roberts appointed Bob her Senior Policy Advisor for Urban Growth Issues. He pursued several policy objectives on behalf of the Governor, coordinating the work of the departments of Land Conservation and Development, Transportation, Housing, and Economic Development. 

Partner, Ball Janik LLP (Portland law firm) (January 1995-October 1997)
Bob represented clients in a land use practice that focused on obtaining approval of urban development in complex land use reviews.

Executive Director for Policy and Planning, Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (October 1997-September 2000)
During Stacey’s tenure, the agency undertook or completed three new light rail lines serving the Metro area, and expanded both rail and bus ridership.  

Chief of Staff to Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Washington, D.C. (June 2001-October 2002)
Bob assisted the Congressman in his pursuit of improved environmental and community impacts in the programs of federal agencies, including Agriculture, Defense, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, the United States Postal Service, and many others.

Executive Director, 1000 Friends of Oregon (October 2002 to Sept 2009)
Bob's key accomplishments in this position were leading statewide opposition to the harmful development authorized by Measure 37; conceiving and directing “Envision Oregon,” a civic engagement process that involved more than 2000 Oregonians in dialogue about the future of Oregon's land use planning system; and organizing the successful campaign to pass Measure 49, limiting Measure 37 by protecting farm and forest land from overdevelopment.



Bob and Adrienne Stacey have lived in the same house in Southeast Portland since 1976, raising their daughters Amanda and Hesper and volunteering at their local school and neighborhood association. Here, Hesper holds Adrienne and Bob's first grandchild, Bruno.


Bob Stacey and Family