About Metro 6

Metro District 6 stretches from Gateway to Sylvan, and from Lents to the Tigard city limits. Even so, it’s physically the smallest of Metro’s six even-population districts, making it the one with the greatest population density. 

District 6 is literally at the heart of our region: in the very center of Metro, with the other five districts surrounding it (see map). It’s the only district located entirely within Multnomah County, and nearly all of it is within the city of Portland, as well.

As a result, Metro 6 is the only council district that does not touch the urban growth boundary. New jobs or households in Metro 6 will come mainly through infill or redevelopment, not by paving the countryside. 

Metro has big plans for our part of the region, forecasting growth in the “town centers” of Lents and Hillsdale; in the Gateway “regional center;" and in District 6’s parts of Portland’s Central City area, the Central Eastside Industrial District and the South Waterfront District. In addition, Metro expects new mixed-use development (such as housing and retail in the same buildings) along our neighborhoods’ many “main streets” and in areas around light rail stations.

Metro also has existing and planned investments to support development and livability in District 6 neighborhoods, from parks, trails and stream restoration projects to the Portland-Milwaukie light rail line and the proposed Portland-Lake Oswego streetcar, both of which cross District 6.

Our neighborhoods and business districts in Metro 6 are very diverse. All of them have exciting strengths, but each also has real needs. Large parts of Southwest and East Portland neighborhoods, and pockets of Southeast as well, lack sidewalks, paved streets, or both. Every part of the district has parks-deficient neighborhoods. Much of Southwest and inner Southeast lack an adequate supply of housing affordable to households with less than median income, while neighborhoods in East Portland have experienced a sharp increase in such households. All of District 6 will benefit from regional policies that emphasize improving and maintaining our existing communities rather than subsidizing outward expansion.