Kickoff Thoughts

Nearly 200 supporters joined me for my campaign kickoff Wednesday evening at Holocene. Leslie Carlson and Eric Lemelson did a great job warming up the crowd, who then responded enthusiastically to my call for new leadership at Metro to:

  • Protect the region’s streams and water quality, Washington County farmland, and the planet’s climate from sprawl;
  • Speed up construction of the region’s transit network, by adding electrified bus rapid transit lines to the light rail lines already in the works;
  • Drop the unsustainable, unaffordable 12-lane “Columbia River Crossing,” restart the project, and develop cheaper, better options for moving freight and managing congestion on I-5;
  • Start new regional initiatives for sustainable economic development, public school funding, and broader housing opportunity; and
  • Increase the public’s involvement in Metro’s decisionmaking and Metro’s outreach to the people of the region.

Many thanks to everyone who joined me Wednesday. And with that event behind us, I only need to reach 799,800 more Metro voters before May 18! Please consider making a contribution to the campaign and signing up to help in our growing regional movement.