The Voters Have Spoken

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The long, painstaking vote count is done, and ten days after the election the result is finally clear.  The region’s voters have chosen a new leader to help us move toward a more prosperous and livable future. 

I’ve called Tom Hughes to congratulate him on his victory. Tom conducted an effective and principled campaign that focused on the important issues facing our region.  I’m confident he will be a strong and capable leader as Metro Council President.

I have two messages for my supporters.  First, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  And second, no regrets!  You did everything this campaign asked of you, and more.  The smart, tireless and effective team that staffed this effort—Brian Rae, Tess Fields and Anna Gilbert--executed a strong campaign plan flawlessly.  Nearly 500 volunteers and 1700 contributors provided us the resources we needed.  I’ll be forever grateful to you.   Thanks to your work and generosity, I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about our metropolitan community and its wonderful citizens.  I hope my campaign helped advance the dialogue about how our region chooses its future.

I encourage you to remain involved in the important decisions Metro must make if our region is to grow and develop in ways that improve our quality of life.  President-elect Tom Hughes and the Metro Council have a lot to do, and they cannot do it without the continued involvement and support of all of us.

For my part, I will continue to work for our region’s prosperity in a way that respects our environmental legacy.  I expect to work on the issues that are close to my heart, including effective land use and transportation strategies that support livable communities while reducing greenhouse gases. 

Thank you for your help, your confidence in me, and your commitment to our community. 


    Bob Stacey